Tuesday, December 9, 2014


On Sunday we visited the annual Tamale Festival in Indio.   It was a warm and sunny day; the required apparel included shorts, sandals, and sunscreen.

This should be an annual "must attend". Next year we will go early on Saturday before the vendors start running out of some of their wares.

Nana Chuy's won a trophy in competition this year.  We shared one beef/pork combo and one chicken tamale.  They were well-made and tasty, but a little smaller and more of a high-volume consistency.

At Tia Juana's we tried out a shrimp tamale (small baja shrimp, extra spicy) and a chorizo tamale.   Tom is not always a chorizo fan, thinking it "too greasy", but these were done with small potato cubes which moderated that.  We bought a half-dozen more to take with us.

And by the way, why were we never informed about all the flavors of desert tamales?

The festival is more than just food.  Traditional dancers, music venues, a carnival.

Vintage cars.

The larger, more commercial stands did not offer samples.  Many of the smaller ones did, leading us to take home a couple of chicken in red sauce from this local establishment.

"Gourmet" tamales.   We took a couple of Barbecue chicken home which we tried out Sunday evening.   A little heavy on the masa and light on the filling.   Yes, I could be a tamale snob. We have one each of the desert tamales still in the freezer.  I'll let you know how those are.

And for those who have eaten too many tamales there is one more booth on your way out.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Komments by KADY! Issue #6

Well fans I think we found somewhere else we live for a long time now because we've been here five weeks already and we're not packing up to go anywhere yet.  It's ok because it's a pretty good place for us dogs.

Most of the time it is warm and sunny but sometimes it gets really windy.

There are neighbors and there is lots of interesting stuff going on in the neighborhood.  People have little yards that they work in a lot.

When we first got here my back was hurting but mom went to the vet here that I went to before and got me more metacam.  I like metacam.   It makes me happy.

So I spent a lot of time resting and getting better.  

I help mom work.  She worked a bunch this month which was kind of boring for us dogs.

Sometimes I have to turn out the lights for myself because mom and dad won't turn off the tv and go to bed.

Usually mom and us dogs go to bed before dad and I can have his pillow.

Dora has something to tell you about.

Mom took Dora to the vet that I went to in Desert Hot Springs.  She was gone for a whole day.

And when she came back she had a bad haircut and a zipper.  I told her that it would be ok and all of us girls have zippers.  The Greedy Grandma Alice has had three zippers and even mom had a zipper last year and we give each other therapy.  So Dora got to have some good drugs and she didn't feel like playing either.

I went back to the vet one day last week but I only got a rabies shot for my dog license so that was ok.

And now Dora is all better and I am feeling much better and we can play again.

There is a pretty good dog yard here with toys and room to run and play Dora-bowling and there are sticks to eat.


And sometimes we just lay around outside in our pen.



This is a pretty good place to live.  There are lots of other dogs here.  There are a whole bunch of bulldogs and one really fat one rides in a stroller and there is a big German Shepherd that wears a muzzle and tried to fence fight with me and Dora and he is scary we don't like him. There is a black chow mix that visits across the street and next door but we don't play with it. There is a big wolfhound down by the dumpster and I was scared of him at first but he doesn't say anything just looks at us.  And there is even a Pembroke named Baby who lives on our walk between the dog yard and the dumpster and we talk to her.  She is lonesome because her mom only has one corgi and that isn't enough.  And our cousin Teddy lives here with our human grandma too.

I'll write again when something funner happens.