Monday, December 11, 2017

Happy Trails with Dora - Family visits

Hi, Hi, it's me Dodah! And I'm here to tell you the stories that Kady can't or won't.

Stories like when we went to Coeur d'Alene. There we found my niece Llewellyn! She is Delta's daughter and is very smart.

I played in the dog yard with her and we were even joined by a Brittany. Kady was there too but she had to sit on the table with her leash on because she does not play well with others.

She's pretty cute, even though she's still a young brat.

Then my niece Mae came and my sire Pie!

Mae was bigger than when I saw her last time. I had to wash her ears and then I had to lay my head down over her neck so that she would know that I was older and it is my house and I am IN CHARGE.

Once we got that straight we played.  Kady watched.

After Idaho we went to Camp Corgi at Grayland Beach State Park. There had been a lot of rain and the paths to the south end of the beach had lots of ponds that weren't there before.

Ponds don't bother me!  BYE!!

The best times are when it is just Mom and Me and we go to the beach!

I ran down the beach and I rolled and rolled in all of the good ocean smells.

I run run into the water.

And then I come back to Mom.

Sometimes I drink the water or lay down in it so that I can smell all ocean-y myself.

Jamie and Catherine and Nora came to the beach and my nephew Franklin and I had fun. He is Llewellyn's twin brother.

I don't think Nora likes the ocean as much as I do.

There were other corgis there too and we walked on the beach together.

After Grayland we went to Fort Stephens State Park.

While we were there Mom and I took walks to the little lake.

Tastes better than the ocean.

I got to swim in Lake Superior earlier in the trip, but nobody took a picture!  We will have to go back.

Komments by KADY! Issue #19

 Hi Everybody!  Well, it's December and we are back in Two Springs with high-speed internet access that doesn't cost Dad "an arm and a leg" but I don't know as he still has all of them anyway. Mom also hogged the computer for like all summer through July and August and September and October working on a new website for the CWCCA so I just had to wait and wait to be able to post. But now here I am!

If you want to see Mom's project go to If you look at the color page under "The Breed" she put pictures of my birth parents there which is pretty cool.

When I last wrote, we were in MICHIGAN! Well we went over a big bridge over a LAKE and then we were still in Michigan but a different part.

We spent the night at Country Village RV in Ishpeming and I guess it was ok for dogs but by now I don't even hardly remember it.

We then went to a new state!

It finished up all of the state stickers we added this year.

We spent the night at Frontier Campground which has a Tavern out front. It was rustic and was a good place to stay.

And you know what?  It was my SEVENTH BIRTHDAY! and Dad even made me a cake and me and Dodah got to eat some.

Dad could only find one candle but they sang Happy Birthday to KADY! and everything anyway.

Look how cute we are!

All spring we kept being in places with geese. We like geese and they make delicious poop.

We drove through Wisconsin and then we went to Minnesota because Mom had a club meeting there. We stayed at Lebanon Hills State Park which is close to Minneapolis. It was very nice for being right almost in town.

After the meeting we had to hurry on west.

We stayed in a little place in North Dakota called Valley City Tourist Park. There was just room for a few trailers and RVs. There was a really cool old bridge there over a river by the park. Wiki says that Valley City is known for its bridges. I'm not sure why it is called a city though because it's pretty small.

 The next day we drove on through North Dakota and we stopped at the overlook of the Teddy Roosevelt National Park to see the pretty scenery.

Me and Dodah were just interested in this scenery though:

Bison poop!

We went to Montana and first night we stayed in a really small RV park which Dad almost couldn't find and thought maybe Mom should read maps better. But they bring you fresh eggs from their chickens.

It was called Small Towne RV Campground which was an understatement. There were good places to walk dogs there though.

And there were SO MANY BUNNIES!!!

I could have watched BUNNIES all day.

Then we drove across Montana and we stayed in Sunrise Campground in Bozeman  It was really crowded and not so good for walking dogs but there were limited places to stay and they wanted to go to a museum and stuff.

So then after Bozeman we were on our way to Idaho to see Mandy and everybody and something really exciting happened! We were just a little past Missoula and there was a BIG BANG and Dad pulled the house over to the side of the road because . . .

This happened!

A nice young fireman stopped and helped us get all of the pieces out of the road. And then Dad called Les Schwab in Missoula and a nice man brought us new tires. We had to wait along side of the road for a couple of hours but it's ok because we have our house and our computers and stuff.

That night we stayed at the park in St Regis where we have stayed before. It is a good place even if Dodah is still afraid of the carvings that look like bears.

From there it is just a short morning drive to Idaho where we can visit Mandy and our other relatives.

Here are some new pictures of Blackwell Island RV Park. We have stayed there many times now.

The trail leads to a good dog yard.

I only like to play with Dodah but she will show more pictures of other dogs.

We always get to have visitors when we visit Mandy.

We saw Llewellyn who used to be Needles when she was a puppy. And then Pilot and Mae came to play with Dodah.

But it was really BAD because MAE jumped up and started chewing on my favorite toy!!

Pilot liked to sit up there on our beds and look out the window too.

It was just exhausting!

After we visited Idaho, we went to a KOA in Ellensburg, Washington on our way to the ocean. We played by the river.

After that we went to spend ten days at the ocean at Grayland Beach State Park. We had ordered a new dog pen like one we saw a dog using a Blackwell Island.

We had a Stellar Jay at our bird feeder.

And we played on the beach a whole bunch.

We love our Mom!

And Jamie and Catherine and Nora came with Hiro and Delta and Franklin.

Nora was a lot bigger than when we saw her in March. She still played in our pen a little and thought it was funny.