Sunday, February 17, 2008

Famous Places

Come out of the front entrance of the Penn on 7th Ave, turn right, and start walking. Did I mention that I love to walk?
First stop is the Garment District and the Fashion Walk of Fame.
The Hard Rock Cafe. T-shirts came home with me.
Radio Center Music Hall on 6th Avenue.
An example of the mix of old and new.
And Times Square! I actually walked to Times Square twice: on Sunday with just Nikki and again on Tuesday with Cheri. I don't think that Cheri was impressed as I was. For many years, our idea of a wild New Years Eve has been to try to stay awake for the rebroadcast of the ball dropping. It turned out that Cheri hadn't ever done that (stayed awake? watched tv on New Years eve?), so it wasn't on her list of places to visit. Nikki thought that it was pretty cool though. And we stopped at the Times Square earth cam and made a call to Kathy and Melanie at the day job and to Tom at home. We waved to the camera as I was talking, of course! Tom figured out how to save the picture just as we were walking away so what you get to see is our backsides.
More of that conspicuous energy consumption. More to come . . .