Sunday, August 17, 2008


Yesterday morning we drove down to Champoeg State Park, to check out the site of the upcoming nuptials.
A pioneer cabin at the park.
Pavilion at the site where Oregon was created and a government was established. Not available to reserve, unfortunately, after the end of September.
The building is a recreation of the original Hudson Bay Company building, destroyed by a flood in 1861. The sign on the wall shows the high water mark.
Standing in the same spot, rotating 180 degrees and looking down to the river.
Did I mention that it was really hot yesterday? We thought that indoor exploration might be a good idea and had always meant to check out the Evergreen Aviation Museum where the "Spruce Goose" is housed. If we had realized that there was no or inadequate air conditioning in that building we might not have done so.
The flying boat is big. Really, really big.

There were many, many other aircraft of all types also on display.
Probably the majority were fighters of one sort or another from WWII.
And look, this old RAF fighter was named after me. Well, ok so it's a little older than me. Maybe I was named after it. There is another building dedicated to space travel with a place waiting for one of the shuttles. The air conditioning was much better in there. I admit to being claustrophobic in the bottom of the recreated silo under the Titan missle.