Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome to the Neighborhood

We have another newcomer to the neighborhood and this one is (oh happy day!) a winery.  Folin Cellars is now just up Ramsey from us.  The grand-opening is coming up August 8th.

We are wondering exactly how much water 2.5 acres of grape vines would take.  Increased property value and a ready market.

We took Huxley and Molly for an exercise walk up the street this morning; needed by both dogs and people.  I snapped a few pictures of the new neighbor for you to see.

Taken from the entrance road on Ramsey.

 And a zoomed-in view of the winery.

 Seen through trees a little farther up Ramsey.

 Molly thought that a summer morning walk was a really dumb idea and sprawled out every time we reached some shade. That girl needs to get her bod in shape.