Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday Driving

One of our favorite leisure-time activities has always been "going for a ride". Yesterday after I finished up a couple of minor programming projects we loaded Alice and Molly into the Element and ventured out of the valley. This time we found ourselves up at Crater Lake National Park. 

 This is one of the more standard views of the lake, taken from near the start of the rim road, just outside of the village.  Wizzard Island is prominant.  Note the "Keep Back" sign.

 This shot of the caldera shows exactly why the signs exist. Notice also that there are still a few patches of snow, even this late in the season.
 Turn around and see Mount Thielsen to the northwest.
Little begger: one of several golden mantle ground squirrels.

 And a gray jay.
 Wizzard Island from the other side of the lake as the afternoon grows later.
 The smaller island is called "The Phantom Ship".
 White-bark pines at the high point of the rim on the east side.

                                                Peaceful waterfall down the back side of the rim.