Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Palm Springs Air Museum

While in Palm Springs last week, we visited the Palm Springs Air Museum. I expected it to be similar to the Evergreen Museum in McMinnville, only smaller. In fact, they are quite different. While the Evergreen Museum encompasses all phases of air and space exploration, the Palm Springs exhibit focuses on World War II and includes a great deal of history in addition to planes.

And . . . all of the planes are still functional.
Most of these pictures were taken by Tom, with a couple from my phone as I forgot my camera (!)

Sorry, I can't name all of the planes.

I do remember that this one is painted in RAF colors.

A display case contained many items of interest from the home front: old ration cards, pamphlets on nutritious meals, cookbooks of meals when dealing with rationing and scarcity of items.

Belly (Ball) Turret on the above plane. Can't you imagine being the person whose duty it was to sit in that?

Yes, the wings are folded as they are on a carrier for storage.

We were treated to a flight by The Daisy Pearl.

Taking off.

Wasn't it a beautiful day?

Mom says that they had this model of Studebaker when she was young (only blue).

One final shot.