Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Egyptian Antiquities at the Met

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC has an amazing collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts.  Entire tombs appear to have been disassembled, moved half-way across the world and reconstructed.  Part of me will always feel that things are better left where first found.  The other part says that there is only a 0.00001795% chance that I will ever visit Egypt and I am grateful to be able to enjoy these items first hand.

It's like being in the middle of an Ann Rice novel.  The King and Queen move slowly.

Stories . . .


Detail of foot of the sarcophagus.

Birds were an important symbol.

I see dead people.  They're everywhere.

The bottom picture could have been modern.

A wig made of human hair.

Beaded jewelry.

Drop spindles.  Still recognizable today.

Gold jewelry and shoes. Even gold finger covers.