Sunday, March 18, 2012

"But I know what I like"

Paintings from MOMA. We threw this visit in on our last morning in NYC, and I am so glad that we did.  There may be better representatives of these famous works on-line, but this is proof to myself that I have seen them with my own eyes.  A huge collection: these were some of my favorites.

Click on each picture for details on the MOMA website.

The Dream by Henri Rousseau..

Also Rousseau: The Sleeping Gypsy. But I look at it and start singing "In the jungle, the mighty jungle . . ."

The Olive Trees: Vincent van Gogh. Obviously.

Van Gogh: Portrait of Joseph Roulin 

Needs no introduction.  More magnificent in person than I had imagined.

Still Life with Three Puppies: Paul Gauguin.  Dog art!

Francis Picabia: I See Again in Memory My Dear Udnie.  I left a portion of the floor in the picture to give an idea of scale.

Kurt Schwitters: Revolving

Pablo Picasso: Three Musicians

Claude Monet: Agapanthus

Amedeo ModiglianiAnna Zborowska

David Alfaro Siqueiros: Echo of a Scream

David Alfaro Siqueiros: The Sob

David Alfaro Siqueiros: Proletarian Victim

Thomas Hart Benton: Homestead

Salvador Dali: The Persistence of Memory

Natalia Goncharova: Rayonism, Blue-Green Forest

Henri Matisse: Landscape at Collioure

Yves Tanguy: The Furniture of Time

Robert Rauschenberg: Bed


Carolyn's Mom said...

How Breathtaking...and what a thrill to see them "for real". My least favorite was the Picasso (I never did "get" him) and I had several favorites, in particular the Monet, Sigh. If you had a gazillion $$ (and it was for sale) you would probably get the Still Life with 3 Puppies :-) Also "A wem a Way" :-)

Baledwr said...

I felt the same way about the Picasso works. Very, very disturbing. The Sleeping Gypsy, ALL of the Van Goughs, the Monets (there were 3 panels of "Waterlilies") all absolutely amazing.

C-Myste said...

That was the only one of the Picassos that I liked at all, truthfully. And there was much more there, rooms full, of things which I could not consider "art" at all.

It made me think of "The Emperor's New Clothes": if everyone oos, and ahs, and says "What insight, what great art" for a blank wall, does that make it so?

I wouldn't own a house with big enough walls to place most of the paintings on. :-)

Jeri said...

That Scream one is a little....terrifying. LOL We didn't get to MOMA when we were last in NY, but it's definitely on my list the next time. We went to see the much smaller Frick Collection, which I thought was outstanding. There was a Bellini painting there of St Francis that had me absolutely photos I've ever seen of it came anywhere close to real life, so I know the in-person impact can often be so much higher.

Baledwr said...

Best part was the guard who was going to take Megan out for standing close to "The Starry Night" she was some super thief who would slip it out in her coat. This was the only place we went without Uber airport style security.

starrynights said...

OMG. Apparently I have "art thief" written all over me. The guard at the Guggenheim got all mad at me too for stepping a teensy bit over the line to get a closer look at some brush strokes on a painting. I am apparently not allowed to go to museums. I might do something rash!! Ha ha. SO GLAD we did MOMA though. One of my favorite parts of the trip. Especially seeing my farm's namesake in person...