Saturday, July 4, 2015

Beach Bums

We were able to spend a full two weeks at one of our favorite places: Bullards Beach State Park. And no, we didn't even make a reservation nine months in advance.

We often haunt websites looking for cancellations in order to get a reservation. This time we were able to find an opening in the (less desirable, open sites, no sewer) C loop for June 21st-July 2nd. Not surprisingly nothing ever opened up for 4th of July weekend.

When we arrived at the park, Tom visited with the person in the booth and told him how we are full-timers and we'd really like to find a spot for the extra couple of days. "Would you like a full hookup site through the 4th?" Uh, twist my arm again. We ended up in A27 which was an unused host site so not on the reservation system. Large enough for our rig, two vehicles, a fair-sized tent, and several x-pens. We put the tent toward the front of the site which made it very private for the dogs.

Tom called the middle pen the "Memory Care Unit". Phoebe wasn't doing well the first couple of days, apparently with a minor blockage from eating too much sand. If anyone is interested: dogs can take Miralax and it works. No further details forthcoming.

Some dogs don't think that they are kennel dogs. They prefer to sit on the couch and dashboard, thank you.

Dora had words to say about it.

I told them to relax and enjoy the ocean breezes and the outdoors.

We took several excursions to the beach: 4000 steps each way down the path. That's 8000 if you're a dog.

 Highway 101 bridge over the Coquille taken from the path.

From the farthest north beach parking area if you walk just a little farther you will be out of the state park. There are seldom other people or dogs so . . .

Run free, little Cardigans! 

Photo credits on this series go to Jamie.

Dora and Delta still enjoy playing together.

 Brother Hiro.

 Three dogs play in the water. One thinks she might be an adult human.

But she'll get them when they come out!

"Wasn't that fun? Let's do it again!"

Love this picture of my special girl.

Warm sand, warm log, warm sun. 

Catherine with Delta and Hiro.

Me with Kady.

One afternoon we took the jeep for a walk on the beach. This a few miles up the coast at Whiskey Run Beach. Photo credits to Tom.

On Friday Tom and I babysat Hiro and Phoebe while Jamie, Catherine, and Delta donned period dress to visit the SCA event in Gold Beach.

Pretty cute, but I think that Delta needs a dress too.

And for our last night there were the fireworks over the Coquille.  Tom managed to capture a few decent pictures on his cellphone.


Happy days.