Sunday, May 1, 2016

Komments by KADY! Issue #15

Hi Everybody! We are once again the Traveling Cardi kids and we are so happy. Me and my sister Dodah and that Huxley are so happy to be going so many new places with all of the new things to see and things to smell.

After we left Arizona we went to the Dream Catcher RV Park in Deming New Mexico. There is just gravel for parking on and the campsites are not very exciting. But they have a really good dog yard with lots of grass. It had been a long time since us dogs had lots of grass to play in.

 My sister Dodah loves to run and to play Dodah-bowling so it was really good for her.

We only stayed there one night because we had a schedule to keep. The next day we went to Van Horn, Texas and we stayed in Mountain View RV Park. 

There were mountains in our view but they weren't very close. There was mostly a lot of red dirt to look at.

 But they did have a pretty good dog yard for us to wander around in.

You can see our campsite here with our jeep in it. Most of our neighbors got up and left early in their diesel trucks because they are all working on an oil pipeline or something near here.

Dodah and Mom walked around some. There was this other building at the RV park that we couldn't figure out. They have a place for horses at the RV Park so maybe they were going to build stables or something. I'm not too sure many people want to go to Van Horn Texas though unless they have a job working on a pipeline.

Then we traveled another day. And we went to Terlingua and we met our friends Rusty and his family there.  I need to get a picture of Rusty some time. He is a brown big dog and he visits us but doesn't want to play because he is a mature boy and thinks we are dumb girls.

We stayed at Big Bend Resort and Adventures but to tell you the truth it's not so much of a "resort". And there was no dog yard though there were some ok places to walk around the park.

What there was there was lots and lots of bunnies!

They were Brazen Bunnies who came right in our campsite to graze! 

There were also noisy blackbirds there who yelled at us and went "grackle grackle grackle". We liked to walk and pee under this one shady tree where there was grass and the birds always yelled at us. Then we figured out why when we looked up in the tree and saw the nest.

After a few days in Terlingua we went to Dog Hades. It was called Rio Grande Village but us dogs didn't get to go to the Rio Grande. We just had to stay in the RV with the air conditioning on.

It wasn't a place that was too much fun for dogs because there was no dog yard and it was mostly too hot to walk and there were big biting bugs and other things.

We tried to walk here but we had to turn around and go back because there was a javelina walking over there. There are also coyotes and rattle snakes and probably other bad cardigan-eating things too. 

The one thing that Dodah did like is that they water the grass there by flooding it so she could go swimming. Dodah always goes swimming whenever she can but me and Huxley don't like it.

 It was good that we only stayed there for a couple of days. Then us and Rusty's family moved again and went to Lost Alaskan RV Park in Alpine, Texas.

There's a pretty good dog yard there. Not as much grass as some, more than others. There was lots of dogs who lived there with more people working on pipelines and stuff.  One dog was a wild Irish Setter that wanted to eat us and then did try to eat Rusty and we all complained and then we didn't see him any more.

Mom and Dad like to feed the birds when we set up camp places and here there were doves that had white on their wings. We didn't see any bunnies here.

Then after a week we said goodbye to our friends and went somewhere else.

 We found this rest area that has a dog yard but we didn't see it until we had already walked on our leashes because a semi was parked in front of it.

We went to a really really beautiful park that we liked a lot except that it was kind of hot. This is a KOA in Fredericksburg Texas.

One of the bestest dog yard ever with grass and trees and even things to play on.

Behind the dog yard is another yard which is for long horn cattle. Dodah barked at them.

There is also another dog walking area for on-leash walking that was right behind our RV. 

We were going to stay another day there but then on Tuesday night there was a BIG STORM with THUNDER and MORE LIGHTNING that we had ever seen before and winds that rocked our house all over so we got up and Mom and Dad talked about it and decided that it was not a good time to be there so we left.

We went to Fort Stockton Texas and stayed in Hilltop RV Park. There aren't very big hills there but it is a little above town so I guess that counts.

There is a very good dog yard there. I am a little embarrassed to say that I thought this was a real dog that was peeing on the fence.

But then Huxley came over and told me how dumb I was.

We traveled another day and went back to New Mexico. 

We went to a place called Bottomless Lakes State Park near Roswell.

 There was a like right by our campsite and Dodah even got to swim though we didn't get a picture of her. 

The weather was the perfect temperature, warm and dry, but there was some wind. And then the air got all smoky because a fire started nearby. And a ranger came around and told us to watch out because we might have to evacuate. Mom and Dad had to evacuate from our old house one time but that was before any of us dogs were born.

The next morning the fire was out and I would have been ok with staying there but we had to travel some more which was probably not such a smart idea. If we were going to sit in one place for a weekend why couldn't it be where it was warm instead of where it is snowing?

So now we are in another KOA in Raton New Mexico.

There is a pretty good dog yard here and yesterday it was nice enough that we could go out in it for a little while.

But today it is cold and snowing on and off and Mom does not want to take us for walks.

I have heard that we will be leaving tomorrow and will be going back to where it is warm and we will see lots of family like my nephew Morgan. Uncle Pie who is Dodah's biological father will be staying with us which Huxley will not like.