Friday, September 12, 2008


Thanks so much to everyone who sent their well-wishes today. I feel so fortunate to have the many friends that I've made through the dog world. And Mandy, too!

From my son, and I'm proud to be his mom:
This is a message from Jamie to Mom

Happy Birthday from a son who's grateful he was taught the meaning of equality and fairness for all.

McCain is trying to buy womens votes by showing them a woman who would be a huge step backwards for their rights. Many women are speaking out. See their stories here and spread the word:
Mom took my sister Tammy and me out to the Jacksonville Inn for lunch. With a little twist: it was the monthly meeting of the local chapter of the Red Hat Society. It turns out that my mom is "Princess Patty Rose" and the self-described "President of Vice". Who would have known about her secret life?

Left to right: me, Mom, Tammy, picture taken by my auntie Gay.

And see, I was even equipped with my own red hat (Cardigan embossed, of course) so that I did not need a loaner. And it just happens that I found a great purple shirt while I was shopping in Eugene with Richelle last weekend, not even thinking about the fact that I would need one!

Yes, the Jacksonville Inn was where our beloved president stayed when he came to town last election go-round. But we'll forgive it.