Monday, April 20, 2009

Utah Scenes

The driving time is coming out almost exactly the same coming home as it did going.  It was 27 hours on the way there:  13 hours Sunday, 11 hours Monday, 3 hours Tuesday.  So far coming back I have 10 hours from Topeka to Laramie, 11 hours from Laramie to Winnemucca, and should have 6 more hours tomorrow between here and home. The sprint card doesn't work in Winnemucca, so I paid Motel 6 the $2.99 for the access code.

Above and below: near Park City, Utah

 The Great Salt Lake.

 Mountains west of SLC. It was a beautiful, warm, dry,  sunny day.  It's so nice to be back on the west side of the Continental Divide.
Power generation in Utah:
The old (taken from westbound rest area just before the salt flats.)
And the new.