Friday, June 1, 2012

More North Dakota

First, a few pictures from Tom's "real" camera.  I admit, it does a much better job:

Tom compares the size of his foot to that of a bison.

When photographing a buffalo, it is best to hide behind a tree.

Camping is in the North Unit of the national park.  There is another portion off of I-94 which is the South Unit and is only open for hiking.  The pictures below were made from the rest area overlook.

Very reminiscent of the Painted Desert in Arizona, but greener.

An informative sign explained that the black stripes in the formations are made when layers of coal catch on fire and burn.

Back on the road.  Would you believe . . . uh . . .

This is "Salem Sue", purported to be the "World's Largest Holstein Cow."

Most of our trip across the state was through a midwest thunderstorm.  Look at how close to the ground the clouds were.  A little scary for west coast natives, though not as frightening as Wyoming was.  But more on that later.

After walking the dogs at the national park, where they were fascinated with the wool and smells they found, I couldn't resist: "Look it's Buffalo Alice!"