Monday, June 11, 2012

A Rest On The Colorado

Lucky number 13 is a favorite of ours.  The Glenwood Canyon drive we made once before, though in morning rather than evening and in the other direction.  It is a spectacular drive any time of day.

We spent two nights camped at the James M Robb Colorado River State Park: Island Acres Campground.

It gave us a chance to read, take pictures, and walk the dogs along the river.  And there was no cellphone access, so it was a true day off from work.

The colors of the canyon walls and the relief of the rock was ever-changing with the angle of the sun.

I apologize if it's a little repetitive.  I don't tire of looking at the scenes. 

 One of the big old cottonwoods in the park.

 A great blue heron at one of the ponds.

Small fish came to see what we were doing. 

 A group of immature black-billed magpies.  When mature, their tail length will match that of their bodies.

Desert bloom.