Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Now, where was I?

The year's reading list, continued:

#26 The Boy in the Suitcase:  Lene Kaaberbol & Agnete Friis.  Another Scandinavian mystery (see Girl with the Dragon Tatoo) and a pretty decent read.

#27 My Sister's Keeper: Jodi Picoult.  I had seen the movie but had not read the book.  It was good right up to the end which, as Ellie warned me, does not match the movie.  And there I found it a cop-out.  It seemed too neat and not realistic.  Disappointing.

#28 The Dark Monk: A Hangman's Daughter Tale: Oliver Potsch.  Eh.  Not as good as the original.  No torturing of "witches".

#29 44 Scotland Street: Alexander McCall Smith, the first of the 44 Scotland Street novels.  I have read  all of the No 1 Ladies' Detective Agency books and adore them.  They make me want to go to Botswana.  I found this book to be fun, and will read the others in the series.

#30 Sometimes when I read one book, it leads me to try another.   In the book In One Person by John Irving, Madame Bovary plays an important part.   I tried.  I really tried.  For the last three weeks I have tried.  But all that happens is that I go to bed, read one page (sometimes less) and it puts me to sleep.  It is very rare that I get through 64% of a large book and give up on it.  I skimmed through to the end, which I already knew.  Due to the effort involved, I am counting it anyway.

There is a scene in In One Person where the hero is reading the story to his friend Tom Atkins.  Tom cheers at the end when Emma vomits blood and dies.  I understand: Emma is one of the least sympathetic characters (to me) I have ever read.  Grow up and get over it!

Update as I was unclear: #30 that I couldn't stomach was Madame Bovary, not Irving's book.

#31 Currently reading Amazing Gracie: A Dog's Tale Dan Dye & Mark Beckloff.  The true story of a deaf double-merle (they are calling her an "albino") Great Dane.  Good entertainment so far, though written by "pet people" rather than from insiders of the fancy.

I think that next I will spring for Barbara Kingsolver's new novel which was just released.   If you haven't read her: do!