Sunday, July 27, 2014

Cape Disappointment - Not

We revisited the Astoria area last week for the first time in seven years.  The last time we were here was after the trip to Seattle when we sent Alice to visit Hunter. How does the time pass so quickly?

Monday was a driving day so we did little other than set up camp at Fort Stevens. For the first day we basked in quietness after the zoo that was Champoeg.  

But as luck would have it, more families with children and bicycles and dogs and children and bicycles moved in, so it didn't stay so quiet.  

Both Monday and Tuesday were unusually warm and sunny.

Visiting previous favorite spots: the harbor at Hammond.  Where we noted an empty RV area.  No hookups, $28 per night, but no children on bicycles.  In fact, it was deserted.  Things to remember: there is another RV park in Hammond as well.

Watching a container ship pass.

The seagulls are unconcerned with people.  Unless there is food envolved, that is. 

We capped off the afternoon with a visit to Fort George Brewery in Astoria.  How can you go wrong with a brewery who has a backboard showing dogs on the beach?  We took home a nifty stainless steel growler of Next Adventure Black IPA.  I am still scratching my head about an "India Pale Ale" that's black.  But it is pretty darn good, anyway.

The food was good.  The beer was good.  The service was abysmal.  Note to server: you will get twice as much tip if you come back to the table and ask the patrons if they would like another.  Not waiting 40 minutes before you take their food order would also be beneficial to your bottom line.

Wednesday it rained.

And rained and rained and rained until the campground roads were flooded.  Mandy and Jamie will remember trips like that.

I took advantage of the weather to mostly finish up a new website I was working on for Dan Stouffer.

It was a good time to look at desert watercolors.

Thursday, after a payroll and a little work time, we wended our way through the throngs of children on bicycles (who do not look before darting right in front of, or in some cases almost into you) and headed over the bridge into Washington.

From the beach and the jetty at Cape Disappointment 

View toward the North Head Lighthouse.  There were a few people fishing from the rocks, but the beach was deserted. 

Strings of brown pelicans moved up and down the beach with a magical  synchronicity.

Cape Disappointment Lighthouse.

After, we drove up to visit the North Head Light.

Views down of the beach and jetty we had just left.

Tom enjoying the view. 

The light was dedicated in 1898.

Cove just north of the light.

The residences of the lightkeeper and assistants are now vacation rentals operated by the State Parks.

Tom captured a phone-shot of this sign at the small museum.

We're now back in the Willamette Valley for another week for more visiting-with-clients time plus a few extracurricular activities.  I find that I am really enjoying the area.