Thursday, July 31, 2014

Komments by KADY! Issue #1

Ok, so this site is titled "Travels with Cardi" and it's about time that the Numero Uno Cardi gets to be one of the authors, right?.  I mean after all who is gonna tell the other RV dogs where they should go and what they will find when their big box takes them there.

So welcome to the premier issue of Komments by KADY!

July has been a very strange month for us dogs.  First, all of our good stuff moved out of the house and the rooms got emptier and emptier.  Then we started sleeping out back in our RV and getting walked on leash up to our yard each day.

And then it got even worse STRANGE DOGS were in our yard and we couldn't get in the house through the dog door anymore.  And even badder they were BIG dogs!

But it was hot there so Dad drove us somewhere else that was cooler and greener.

And they put up cages and treated us like dogs that night.  And then our brother Hiro and sister Delta and grandma Feebee came and they got put in cages across the street from us.  And then we ate and then we went for a walk and then we slept and then we moved again.

I thought it was a very nice place Carl Washburne State Park.  Except for the cages.  But there wasn't any phone or internet and Mom got all grouchy about it.

Then we went to another park and it was nice but they still put us in cages and Dora got to go play on the beach with Hiro and Delta and Grandma Feebee but mom said I was a PITA and Huxley didn't place nice with Hiro and Alice was too old to walk a mile.

I didn't think that this was a very good park for dogs just because it was such a bad walk to the beach that Mom only went one time so I didn't get to go.  This was South Beach State Park.  But Mom and Dad say that we have to go back there every year.

Then we went to another place.  We've been there two weekends. Portland-Woodburn RV Park.

This is a pretty good park for dogs.  There are lots of other dogs there but not too many children on bicycles and bad stuff like that.  There is a good place for walking dogs and the management is friendly and doesn't say that four dogs is too many.

This is me and Dora taking mom for a walk.  Dora thought they were calling her a "pet" but I told her that it's ok it's mom who's our pet.

Now I don't know about our poop being so unhealthy.  I mean, Grandma Al doesn't get sick when she eats it or anything.

There's dad with Hux and Al and you can see what a big dog area it is.  The only thing that would be better is if some of it was fenced so that we could run free.

 And see that sign?

We aren't allowed down by the creek where it's shady and would be the best place to walk.  But that's ok.  It was a good place to stop and we can go there again.  Mom and Dad don't make us stay in cages there, we just live in the RV.

Then we went to Champoeg State Park and stayed in A24 and there were lots of dogs and lots of kids and it was noisy and Mom said that we were bad noisy dogs sometimes.  Mom and Dad went off to work and left us in crates for two days so we weren't noisy then.  My sister Molly came to see us and that was nice.  And we went and played with Hiro and Delta and Grandma Feebee at their house.

Then we went to Silver Fox RV Park up in the mountains.  They didn't care that there were four of us either but they charged Dad an extra $2 per day for each of us dogs which didn't make him too happy as they didn't tell him that first.  We stayed up on top where it was very quiet and we didn't bark or anything except when the neighbors wanted to pet us.  The neighbors there liked dogs.

There is a dirt road that you can see on the left side of Mom's picture that goes back up on the hill and that's a really good place for dogs to walk.

This park is near Estacada Oregon where mom and dad like Fearless Brewing. Mom brought home a growler (can you believe they call it that and they like it? I didn't hear it growl or bark though) of Porter and it was the best thing I ever snuck up on the dashboard to share.

Then we went to another state park where it was cool Fort Stevens State Park.  And there were so many bicycles and children we didn't know what to do.  And there was this big pitbull right at the end of our walk and it was on like 30 feet of rope and it charged us and barkedandbarkedandbarked.  Mom said that me and Dora needed better power steering to deal with bad dogs so they went to Petco and bought another pinch collar! as she already had one and now me and Dora have to wear them to walk when there are too many other dogs.  This week we are being good though and don't need them.

At Fort Stevens it rained and rained and rained but it was ok for dogs because Mom sat in the RV and worked one day with us beside her.  And then another day we went for a long ride in the jeep and we liked that too.  We don't like it so much when we have to stay home.

Then guess what?!  We got to go see our brother Rip at his house in Washington!  I hadn't seen Rip since we were toddlers and Dora had never met him at all.

There was lovely grass there and I rolled and rolled but not as much as Dora did as she showed Rip her Dora-bowling game.  I hope that Rip's dad got video of it.

Grandma Al wanted to share wine with Rip's dad but he thought she just wanted pets. He doesn't know Grandma Al very well.  She is a greedy dog.

Here's us with our handsome brother Rip.  I don't know why he didn't know to smile at the camera like we do.  Look how cute we are!

And we runned and we sniffed and it was fun.

And then we went home and we were very tired.

Now we are back at Champoeg but we are in a different place which is much better.  Mom and Dad say that we will stay in the B loop from now on because there is "50 amps" whatever that is for the air conditioners and there aren't so many dogs with spaces too close.

And we have room to set up our real dog yard instead of making the pens into two little cages.  We like it this way better.

 There's lots of room to walk too with not too many baddogs.

And we can all be together in our dog yard and we like it that way.  

Yesterday Mom and Dad went for a ride without us again because it was "too hot for dogs to stay in the jeep" and when they came back Mom smelled really interesting and she said that she saw our sister Summer and our brother/cousin Brewer and I don't know why she smelled like that if all she did was "saw" them.

And that was all we did for the whole month of July.  I wonder where the big box will take us in August?