Monday, February 9, 2015

Cattail Cove and Lake Havasu

A change in month, a change in state.   California treated us to a spectacular sunset for our last night at Anza-Borrego State Park:

And Arizona welcomed us with the same.

This was our first time staying in the area and I am sure that it will not be our last.

Cattail Cove State Park  is on the south end of the lake, above Parker Dam.  It features not only a beach and boat launch but several good hiking trails.  We were able to take a little time for one morning walk with dogs and then a longer walk without them on a late afternoon.

Mud caves.   There are many different types of rock on the trail.  From sand deposits and mud through red clay and volcanic rocks.

The water varies in hue from emerald to sapphire. 

Morning serenity

Looking down on Whyte's Retreat, a boat-in only campground.

The holes in the cliff were accessed from the trail by an animal-sized track.   Several possibilities came to mind, most of them predators.

On Saturday we ventured up to Lake Havasu City to attend the Winterfest street dair.  There were a lot of vendors there but we managed to not buy anything outside of a couple of hand-tooled leather items and a human-powered mixer.   There were some temptations, but living in a tiny house on wheels is an assist to the willpower.

While in town, we did the tourist thing and drove across the London Bridge then stopped for a picture below.

We also checked out two other state parks in the area, both just below the dam. Buckskin Mountain looked very nice and also has hiking trails.  River Island was a little smaller but has the advantage of having a real fenced dog yard.   Either would work for a future visit.

There are also many people boondocking between Cattail Cove and Lake Havasu City on the east side of the road.  Not as pretty as the state parks and with out the river/lake access, but with access to the many ORV trails in the area.