Friday, February 13, 2015

Picacho Peak Poppies

For years we have passed Picacho Peak when traveling between Phoenix and Tucson on I-10.  Finally this week we took the opportunity to stop for a night.

We picked up site A7 through a cancellation.  It turned out to be one of the best sites in the park.

View of the site from the door of our RV.

Looking down to our house from the great dog-walking trail.

The color of the hills brought to life in the late afternoon sun.

 Sunset comes.

The morning view from our dining table. 

Notice how green everything is in this part of the Sonora Desert.   The poppies are just beginning to bloom.

Other flowers are springing up as well.

There are excellent hiking trails in the park which we did not have time to try out on this stop.  But even the easy walk which runs between the campground and the entrance station was a delight.

There is some traffic noise from Interstate 10, but it wasn't enough to bother us. In fact, at night it looked like a string of moving Christmas lights below us.  It was an unexpectedly pleasant stop.