Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Happy Trails with Dora - Lost Dutchman Wrap Up

I have so much to tell you about our two weeks at the Horse place, but first there are still a few pictures to share from Lost Dutchman.  

I looked and looked but never did find that Dutchman yet.  We already have reservations for next year so I can try again.

I did find this though.  I thought it was a real coyote and I barked and barked at it and there were people on the trail who laughed at me.

I was just a little embarrassed when I sniffed its butt and it turned out to be a metal sundial. I see things that make me bark often and at times when the the other dogs don't pay any attention.  For example: people carrying things (like cameras) are scary!  After all, they might be dog-beaters!  Dad and Mom have been having a debate as to whether I see better than other dogs or if I need glasses.

Here is a nice picture of our house in the last yard we had at Lost Dutchman.   It was filled with beautiful yellow brittlebush flowers.  The humans might have been a little allergic to them.

And here is a beautiful picture from the trail with globemallow, brittlebush, and chuparosa all three.  Early March is a perfect time to see desert wildflowers.

Now here's an interesting plant for you.  This is the desert hackberry with green berries above and getting nice and ripe below.  I think if you eat them you might hack them up and that's how they got their name.  The most interesting part is that when we looked them up it says that they are from the same family as the goat head thistle, also called puncture vine.  It seems strange that a big berry bush and a ground creeper could be cousins.

And this is another strange plant that was new to us.  It is called broom-rape and it is a parasite plant.  It is purple with no green parts because it has no chlorophyll.  It's kind of like a desert mushroom.

This is a Harris Hawk that mom and dad saw on the trail.  It was standing sentry on a saguaro just like the Harris Hawks they saw at the raptor show last year in Tucson.

One of our last evenings at the park a fast-moving storm came through the area.  It rained and you could see it coming out of the clouds, but it never quite hit the ground.  That is called virga.

 I'll see you soon with some really Happy Trails!