Monday, March 9, 2015

Komments by KADY! Issue #8

Hi Fans!  Well, February was such a busy month that now it's already March 9th and Mom just now is giving me the computer to post again.  Dad's customers should stop needing inventory updates and making mom have to work on the computer too much.

So when I last talked to you we were at Anza-Borrego State Park in California. It was a good park with lots of jack rabbits and stuff but the only thing was that us dogs couldn't walk on the real trails.  We could walk on the handicapped-person path to the visitor center which was good and we could walk on the campground roads.   There was a speed limit posted:

Mom said that she never knew what a high percentage of the human population is dyslexic.  She said that most drivers must be reading the sign to say 51.  Mom asked one of the rangers if it was their way of controlling the dog population that we have to walk on the road where people are speeding.  The rangers paid attention and they put out some extra signs on the road and then finally this happened.  

The ranger saw someone speed by and stopped him and gave him a ticket. Yay!

After we left California we went to a campground on a lake! This was at Cattail Cove State Park on Lake Havasu.  Us dogs liked it because there were good trails that we were allowed to go on.   I don't know why it is named cattail though as there weren't any cats.  And there weren't any cattails either.

It made Dodah very very happy because she likes to swim and play in the water.

I don't really like it so much as Dodah does.  Note for other dogs who visit this campground: the main beach has a "no pets" sign.  If you to the left side of the boat ramp where the trail along the lake goes there is a small beach that is ok for dogs.  It's not marked so not everybody knows that it's there.

Here is Dad on the trail with Dodah and me and mom were right behind.

There are some pretty views from up on the trail. 

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy.

Dodah especially like the motor boats and wanted to catch one of her own.

And she liked watching the ducks too.

Our campsite wasn't very close to the water but that's ok because mom got to walk more steps with us.

There are two other campgrounds on the river just south of the lake on the Colorado River that Dad and Mom checked out.  One of them was River Island State Park.   It would be good for us dogs because it even had a fenced dog yard. The other one was Buckskin Mountain State Park.  It was big and pretty and had lots of places to walk and hike.

After we left Cattail Cove we spent just one night a Picacho Peak State Park.  

Mom made this pretty picture of Huxley.  He is still an annoying boy dog.

There are good hiking trails there though we only had time to take the walk that goes from the campground to the entrance station but that was a good walk.  In the picture you can see our house right on the edge of the campground.

Here is Huxley on the path at Picacho.

Then we went to Kartchner Caverns State Park.  Dogs couldn't go to the caves or anything but there is a very nice "Foothill Loop" trail where dogs can walk. 

After there we went to the Bar J outside of Tucson where we had been before last year.  

I spent a lot of time watching out the window while Mom worked on the computer.

A really good thing about the Bar J is that there is a fenced dog yard where us dogs can run and play.  And eat grass.


Dodah was so tired and happy there.  She likes to play Dora-bowling in the dirt. The only down side to Bar J is that we don't get long walks like we are used to.  There are mean guard dogs that live on the street.

After the week at Bar J we took our house to a shop overnight so that solar things could be put on the roof.  This is so that sometimes we can camp where it is free and where dogs can play without being in a campground or anything.

There's our house in the shop.  There was a German Shepherd girl next door in the other motorhome and there were two chihuahua-things in a trailer in back of where we were parked.

We didn't know what was going on  Me and Dodah thought that we might have to be junkyard dogs now.  There were for-real junkyard dogs in the neighborhood.

That only took us one day and then we went to Usery Mountain for the week. There's a big sign that tells you which way to Phoenix on the mountain.

 Dodah already told you about the trails there.   I don't think she told you how many bunnies and squirrels there are there.  We will go back there.

Our house has such a big window that all three of us pretty dogs fit.  The old greedy grandma Alice is still around but she doesn't get up here with us.  She mostly just lays in her crate and sleeps now.  And then barks at us and tells us not to have fun.

Now we are at Lost Dutchman Park in a different camping part than we were in before and we go on a lot of trails that we did not walk on last fall when we were here.  Sometimes I find things to bring home.

"What?  A stick, why?"   

I like to shred them on the floor and on Mom and Dad's bed which is my bed too.

I tried a fruit off of a cholla which I found on the ground.  It kind of looked like a little green apple but it did not taste like one.  I spit it out and did not take it home.

There  are lots of plants and tasty grass.

See this sign about the wash highway?   One night us dogs got a late dinner. Mom and Dad were going to go to Camping World to get an LED light because the outside porch light burned out and to go to Costco because we were out of dog chicken.  Old greedy grandma Alice doesn't see so good in the dark so needs a good light and we all like chicken.  Anyway, Mom and Dad left at 10:30 and got slowed down by traffic and an accident and by road construction and at about 11:30 they were only a mile away from Camping World but had to turn around and come home because there was a trouble ticket and they had to work. So then they left again at 1:00 and by the time they got home from shopping it was late for dinner.  We ate our delicious chicken but it was starting to get dark for our evening walk. Mom talked Dad into walking Dodah and Mom walked with me and we took the trail to the ranger station.  It goes down in this wash.  And just when we got down there we heard coyote cousins REALLY CLOSE AND LOUD and Dad thought that they were hunting us!  We all turned around and got us out of there in a hurry and just after we got to the top it sounded like the pack of cousins caught something!   It was very exciting!

We do not walk so late here now.

There are three Pembrokes here at Lost Dutchman who we have seen when we are walking or they are walking.  They used to be show Pembrokes in Alaska and when they were talking we found out that their dad knows some of the same people my mom knows.  And it is really even more funny that their dad turned out to be the vet (now retired) who is the brother of Dad's doctor Dr. Mersch who is also now retired. Dad's Dr. Mersch had sent pictures of some of us to this Dr. Mersch before.  Isn't that funny?

Product endorsements.

For years I have really loved my dinosaurs.

I love to chew on dinosaurs and on sticks.

Recently, Mom and Dad found these:

They are wood-flavored like real sticks and you really can eat them and they last for a long time.

We have tried the medium size and the large size.  I think we will use the large size from now on as they last longer.

And I got something else special because Mom and Dad love me so much.

I feel pretty, oh so pretty.  I feel pretty and witty and gay!

I am almost FIVE YEARS OLD and have always had to use an old pink leash that was Kacy's and she died before I was even born.  Not fair!  It was really old and faded and dirty.  I told mom that I wanted a pretty fuchsia leash like my favorite grandma Feebee has.  

Mom has always bought these leashes at the 3C's booth at dog shows but we don't go to dog shows in the northwest much now.  So mom ordered me a new leash (and Dodah a new collar) directly from MesAmis who makes the leashes.  It took a little longer for them to get made as they were out of purple and fuschia but I put my little paw down and didn't want another color.   We placed our order the end of November and finally it got shipped late in January to Grandma and Teddy's address at Two Springs.  Mom and Dad picked it up from Grandma but then it turned out they sent me the wrong size.  We need 6-foot leashes for walking and hiking and they only sent me a 4-foot leash which is too short to walk with Dodah.   Then the nice person at MesAmis sent the right size to Aunt Traci's house so we could get it when we were here.  So now I finally have it and I'm beautiful.  Me and my sister Dodah look like Easter Eggs!  I will be donating the 4-foot leash that got accidentally sent.