Tuesday, April 26, 2016

In Which We Are Talked Into Going To Texas

KC Traveler, originally from the everything-is-bigger state said that we needed to see Big Bend. Others seconded the motion. So being as we had to start heading farther east we took them up on being our tour guides for our first visit.

We left Usery Mountain Park on April 8th and took Highway 60 through Globe, AZ, turning onto Highway 70, then meeting back up with Interstate 10 in Lordsburg, NM.

We spent a night in Deming, NM. Park reviews by Kady will be forthcoming.

The next morning: into Texas!

The bypass around the north side of El Paso.

Note: when the GPS tells you to get off of the bypass route 375 sooner than you think that you should do so: don't argue. The east intersection with I-10 is not yet complete.

Our first views of West Texas were not exhilarating.  Our first night was spent at an RV Park in Van Horn. There are many churches in Van Horn but not too much else except wind and blowing red dirt. I think maybe people are praying to get out.

The next day we were navigating our way down Highway 90 to meet KC Traveler in Terlingua.  There was this interesting white circle on Google Maps:

Which turned out to be a Border Patrol Blimp. If it hadn't been parked we never would have guessed.

Reunited at Big Bend Adventures RV Park, we gave Ken the honor of placing Texas on our map.