Friday, April 1, 2016

Two Springs Wrap-Up

March is "blooming cactus season" in the desert. 

Tempting plants found at Lowe's.  We may need to invest in some of these in the future.

One last exploratory drive on the way home from the outlet mall. We discovered yet another place for a hike next year.

The brittlebush is in full bloom.

San Jacinto seen from near the mouth of the canyon.

We also drove up the road that leads to the tram. There are some great views of the valley as you descend.

I was surprised to find out that Palm Springs was a popular destination for Spring Break. Or maybe it's once again a popular destination.

Some scenes from around the house. We have our name in for the same site next season.

Both white and pink oleander were blooming.

 The sparrows, doves, and finches will all miss us this summer.

On March 28th and 29th Mom and I drove back to her house in Oregon. It was a windy day in both the Coachella and the San Joaquin Valleys. We fought dust that first day. Tuesday was a different story. While it was stormy at Two Springs and snowing in the mountains . . .
Photo courtesy of Tom, who stayed home.

North of Redding the redbud are blooming.

Snowy Mount Shasta was shrouded by clouds. 

 Marble Mountain Wilderness Area

 One of the few things I miss in Southern Oregon: Kaleidoscope Pizza. Mom and I shared this:  
Prosciutto ham, Romas, Gorgonzola, artichoke hearts, garlic and olive oil
That's my kind of pizza. 

Wednesday I was up before "bright and early" to fly back to Palm Springs. Warning for the future: the 7:30 flight out of Medford leaves you running to make the flight from Portland to Palm Springs. The first flight was delayed slightly due to de-icing, but it still would have been tight.

Boarding the puddle jumper in Medford. I was lucky to have both a window seat and to have nobody beside me.

A couple of views of White City, the Rogue River, and the Denman Wildlife Refuge where I spent many hours laying and running tracks over the years.

Downtown Portland

 A vineyard west of town.

The flight from Portland to Palm Springs must have been beautiful. It was clear and the pilot gave an ongoing narration as we flew south. But having a middle seat over the wing, I saw nothing. 

Back at Two Springs, it was time to button up at Mom's house and to get ready to roll with ours. 

All wrapped up. 

See you in November!