Saturday, June 11, 2016

Jeff Davis County

It's a different world. Or maybe a different country. At least it wanted to be a different country. Why else would the county be named after the President of the Confederacy?

Jeff Davis County Courthouse

Another beautiful old courthouse, still in use. This is in Fort Davis. The original is just north of town and was home to the "Buffalo Soldiers" just after the civil war.

Carving outside door of courthouse

Commemorative quilt on display.

Just one example of an event name that wouldn't be "politically correct" on the west coast.

 Great display of old photographs inside the courthouse. Note the Aussie bottom left.

Did I mention hangings?

Complete with gallows.

Turned into a county park: fun for the entire family!

It appears that after the accused climbed to the platform, the rope would be attached and he would be swung out over the jail building. The remains would be dropped into an interior courtyard out of view of the spectators in order to not spoil their picnic.


Hotel Limpia

When I read the name I thought "How nice, a clean hotel."

But it turns out that it is named after a clean creek.

The row of seats on the sun porch on the east side of the hotel. It reminded me of seats on the deck of a cruise ship.


Wonderful art deco lamp on the desk.

We were able to peek into several guest rooms upstairs.

Detail of the ceiling.

A pair of swallows off the rear deck.

Private courtyard.

It should have just read "No Alcohol. Period." More on that later.


The County Library

 Old and comfortable. It makes you want to curl up with a good book.

But only approved materials?

Overheard near the library desk, librarian to patron: 
"You may not agree with this, but we are altering some books."
Conversation quickly stopped when she saw that some of our party was listening.

We also saw books being placed into bags. Now maybe it was old and worn books and there would be a "Friends of the Library" book sale. But that "altering" statement made me think otherwise.

Elevator to the basement.

A courtyard outside the library is maintained by the Daughters of the Confederacy, an organization of which I was previously unaware.


Rock Art

A popular picnic area outside of town which appears to also be an equally popular spot for modern-day pictographs.


McDonald Observatory

Really big sundial.

For those who thought West Texas was all flat desert.

Note the dish far below on the plain

The Hobby-Eberly Telescope was the only one available for a free self-tour. There was a video explaining the process which was quite interesting.

Internal views of the structure and mirrors.

 View down to the visitor center.


Stage Stop 


West Texas Vistas and the Davis Mountains


Sawtooth Mountain


Adobe Ruins

The older I get the more recent history seems. This was all less than 100 years before Tom and I were born. Now in our 60's it's easy to imagine 100 years. I knew some of my great-grandparents who were born in the 1880's.