Sunday, June 19, 2016

Trip to Lew-uh-vull

Somehow I got myself elected to the Board of Directors of the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America. It seemed like a good idea at the time.  The job comes with travel several times per year to exotic locations. Like Kentucky.

The first meeting post the National Specialty was mid-June, only a couple of weeks after we returned to Oregon from the slow trip home from Missouri.

From PDX I flew Southwest to Denver then on to Louisville.

Denver airport. I thought I was done with tornadoes for the year, but at least there was good beer.

The flights between the west coast and Louisville are somewhat limited, and I ended up arriving a day early rather than late the next night. The board had been invited to another member's house for dinner Friday evening which I did not want to miss.

 View from hotel room window.

Since I had an extra day to kill, I met up with another CorgiAid person, Marty. She took me on an excursion to Churchill Downs.

No, I didn't bet. Which is a good thing as my mental picks didn't do all that well. 

 The bugle before each race

I was a little lax on other pictures. The drive through the countryside on Friday was lovely, Vivian's hospitality was great, and we had a productive day-and-a-half of meetings. And I came home with the new job of club webmaster (though the President Jeff also helps). There was originally a lot of cleanup to do which cut into my blogging time.

Flight home, leaving the midwest . . .

And through Las Vegas on the way back to Portland.