Sunday, April 26, 2015

Komments by KADY! Issue #10

Hi fans! Well, it's a cool and rainy day today so there's not much to do except lay by the heater and brood about it. So I should take a few minutes and tell you about two parks we have stayed in here in New Mexico this month.

The first park we went to is called Bosque Bird Watchers.  It is in San Antonio but this San Antonio isn't in Texas. Mom wanted to go get a Texas sticker for the RV map but I guess there are too many tornadoes so we came here instead.

This is a pretty good park for dogs. It is out in farm country along the Rio Grande River and just north of the Bosque del Apache bird place. It was really quiet because most of the watchers went home after the big birds mostly all migrated north for the summer.

We didn't get yelled at for barking too much and there wasn't anything to bark at anyway.  Two of the four nights we were the only ones in the campground and the other two nights there was just one other RV. And neither of them even had a dog. That was kind of boring but not getting yelled at to shuttup is good.

I found a big stick. I love sticks and there weren't too many of them in Arizona.

The dog-walking here wasn't too bad. There is a path that goes along the fence next to a farm and through an area with some pretty trees and and other kinds of interesting trees and plants we did not have in Oregon.

And there were bunnies! Lots of bunnies! Can you see him hiding right by that bush on the right?

You can also walk on the side of the road down toward the bird area because there isn't much traffic on the road. Just across the road is a train track and there is lots of traffic on that which is pretty loud. There are BNSF trains that are going south into Mexico with oil cars and empty car cars which sounds funny and there are Ferromex trains that go back north with the a whole bunch of new cars.

New Mexico has very pretty sunsets probably because there are thunder clouds every afternoon and evening. It will be ok if we stay there again.

Then we came to the RV park at the Isleta Lakes where we went after the dog show last October. It is owned by the tribe and there is a casino here but we don't go there and there is a golf course and there is even fishing in the lakes.

It is very pretty here when it is not raining.

The next-door neighbors here are big and hairy and they are scary to Dodah.

Last week there was a scary-looking storm one day. It almost looked like a tornado as we watched it coming but it was just a micro-burst because the winds were going straight instead of twisting around.

When it got to us we were really shaking and the winds were blasting so much sand at us. Mom took this picture from inside the house. We didn't go out in that.

Yesterday we had another big thunder storm and there was a flash and bang right at the same time but me and Dodah wasn't scared and Alice can't hear it much anyway. Huxley was a little scared but he just went in Mom and Dad's bed until it was over. Then we thought it got better and mom walked each of us and I had to be last and then another wind almost that bad hit when we were still about 1000 steps from home. I thought that I was going to be a kite with my leash being the string! Dad came out and made sure that me and Mom could make it home ok without being rescued in the jeep and we did. I guess not going to Texas is a good idea if it is worse than here.

After the storms it gets really pretty and you can go for walks by the lake again.

There is really, really good dog walking here. You can go so far: around two lakes if you want to. Only Dodah and Mom walk that far. The rules say that dogs "aren't allowed in the fishing area" but that rule is kind of ignored in the evenings when there is nobody fishing for us to bother.

There are Canada geese here. They are not very afraid of us. People have told me that us dogs can herd geese but I don't think that it is very easy.

We first had a campsite #15 that was right in the middle and last weekend it got really noisy with weekend people and parties and small children. Dad got them to move us to the other side of the park where it is quieter. There is nobody in front of us except a big field and the golf course and Casino.

This is the view from our site. We walk on the road around this big field. We don't walk too much in the field itself because there is puncture vine or goathead stickers that get in our feet. Mostly they get in Huxley's feet. He is the one that always goes into the green parts to pee on stuff and he is a whimp.

And this is our campsite. The other thing is that on the other side of the campground the picnic tables and barbecues are in the wrong place and are way up at the front of each site next to the neighbor. Dad said that they were designed by people in the tribe who had never been in an RV before.

There are trains here too. There is the Rail Runner that goes from Belen to Santa Fe and stops here going north and going south a whole bunch of times every day. You can see that the tracks are right by the camp but you get used to it. There are also BNSF freight trains but no Ferromex trains here and the most exciting! There are Amtrack trains and you can tell them without looking because they go REALLY FAST! past us.

There is a rule here that dog pens are not supposed to be setup but we haven't used a pen since December in Two Springs so that doesn't really matter to us. But they don't enforce all of the rules too much as right now the people next door have a pen set up but their two little dogs are inside anyway because it is raining.

There are also breed restrictions here which I know that lots of people don't like and say that they won't stay in places that have them. You can't have pit bulls or rottweilers or "any breed deemed aggressive" it says on the sign at the entrance station. That is ok with me as I have some issues with big aggressive dogs. I like corgis and Pomeranians and I think that is the only kinds of dogs there needs to be. So there.

We are here until Friday and then we are going somewhere else in New Mexico. Mom says that the weather is supposed to get better again.