Friday, April 24, 2015

New Mexico Art

We aren't always working.

Tuesday we met Penni along with Jean and Dan Stouffer for lunch at The Branch Coffee House in Los Lunas. It was great to finally meet Jean and Dan in person. For those who don't know, Dan is a renowned watercolor artist.  Please take a look at some of his work at

Dan reminded us that his latest showing at The Weems Gallery in Albuquerque would be ending this week, so yesterday we ventured out.

Dan had explained to us that "Jean" and the paw prints of their companions waiting at the bridge are hidden in each of the works. We gave it a good effort and found them in quite a few.

Fortunately (I think) Dan has quite a few works which are small enough to even fit in the limited wall space of an RV. We brought home this painting of the Sandia Mountains.

We were both very impressed with the gallery.  There were many other items that I would have loved to bring home, in particular wine glasses in a petroglyph motif. 

We may have to go back.

Oh, and did I mention that there was quite a bit of Dog Art?

After leaving the gallery, we took a trip north to the town of Bernalillo to check out another campground that I had seen recommended. A sneak peak or two . . .

The Sandias and the Rio Grande.