Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Komments by KADY! Issue #9

Hi Fans, it's KADY! again!  I have two more Arizona State Parks to report on for you from the dog point of view.

The first one is one of the Best Parks Ever for us dogs!  Dead Horse Ranch! It has so many fun places to walk and so much stuff to sniff and so many horses and rivers and things.

It even has trees with pine cones.  I have missed pine cones. The only ones I have had to eat were the ones on our Christmas tree in December.

At Dead Horse there is a beautiful river to walk to and play in there when it is warm.  It is the Verde River because it is very green.

There are warning signs that trees might fall on you.

But the cottonwood trees are very shady and pretty and none of them fell on us.

One day Mom and Dad and Dodah and Me took a hike to the Tavasci Marsh.

It is right under the Tuzigoot Ruins.

Remember when we went to Cattail Cove and there weren't any Cattails? Well here there are lots and lots of cattails.

My sister Dodah is so Dumb she tried to swim in the wheel ruts that were in the road. She tried to tell me that mud baths are good for the coat.

There were fields of these tiny purple flowers that smelled really nice.  Me and Dodah rolled in them.

After we played in the marsh we took a long path that went through lots of those purple flowers.

See how cute and pretty I am?  And I smell good too!

We walked and walked and then we could hear the river down a bank.  Dodah pulled Mom down there and look what we found.

We found a really pretty place on the river with rocks and there was nobody else there except just us.

And we could drink the water and play in it.

I even got my feet in it.  Just a little.

We learned something else very interesting at the river.  Us dogs are not the only ones who clean up after the horses take their poop-walks.

The butterflies eat horse poop too!  These are western swallowtails and there were lots of them at the river.

Us dogs really love Dead Horse and want to go back sometime.

After Dead Horse we went to another park that is called Homolovi.  It used to be named Homolovi Ruins but the Hopi Tribe got the state to change the name because they said that the villages aren't ruins.  They are still alive with spirits.

There is a river there too: the Little Colorado.  It is brown instead of green.  And we are not allowed to play in it because there is quick sand.  Yes quick sand like in an old western movie and people said that it was for real, not a joke.

There is really just one trail for us dogs to walk with Mom and it went from the campground to the visitor center which is about 2.5 miles round trip. Most times Mom only made us walk half way but one time she made Dodah do the whole thing with her and Dodah was really really tired.

This is how the visitor center and the little hills with the petroglyphs look like from the middle of the trail.

And this was looking back and the campground.  So far that you can't see anything! It was very quiet and peaceful up there on the trail.

There were not very many people in the campground most of the time. It was almost like having acres and acres to ourselves. I think that the Hopi spirits were there with us though. They live in the wind that blows and blows and blows there. There was so much wind that Dad tied a rope around our big slide to keep the top from ripping and blowing off.

Mom and Dad (especially Dad) had to work most of the time we were at Homolovi. I want to show you how my body exactly fits in the space that is made when Mom pulls out her computer desk.  She moved her computer so you could see how well I fit.

It is very tiring keeping Mom company all day.

There were both bunnies and jack rabbits in the campground.  The bunnies scurry away and are hard to take pictures of but the jack rabbits are very brave and even tease us dogs.

 They would stop right in front of our house and not even move when we barked at them. Of course with the shades on they can't see us.

The jack rabbits even hop right by us when we are on our walks. And then they can see us.

So now we aren't in Arizona any more and have gone to New Mexico.  I'll let you know more about that pretty soon.