Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Calico Ghost Town

April 2013: more from my lost year.  On our way back from the CWCCA National Specialty in Tucson we camped at this San Bernardo County park. The camping was good for both the RV and for Jamie and Catherine in their tent. Also included: free entertainment (a pass into the ghost town). We had breakfast in the town just before the first tour bus of the day arrived.

The town is named "Calico" for the myriad colors of the hills.

You can walk up to the entrances of several old mines.

View of the town from above. The campground is down below and to the left of the tour bus parking.

Gun fight!

After visiting the tourist trap town we took the jeep for its first off-road trip,


The yucca are blooming

 Catherine checking on the scent.