Saturday, February 20, 2010

Science Fiction

While on vacation, we visited for the first time . . .
 Umm, yeah.

Did we visit the UFO museum?
Of course we did.  See, I even got a little badge to wear.
I didn't take a lot of pictures inside the museum, though I think that Tom got a few more.
But if you click on this picture, you can have a virtual tour of the entire place.
Am I convinced?  No.  I left even more skeptical than I was when I entered.   I am convinced that some sort of debris was found and that there was certainly a US Military/Government cover-up.

And some of the reasons listed for a coverup make sense.  To make the text more clear:
1. “…mass produce the … new technology revealed by the wreckage of the flying discs … Rule 1 for security is that you can’t tell your friends anything without also telling your enemies. Opening the files would give competitors access to the new technology.”
2. “…constant worry would be penetration of the research work by enemy spies and fear that they might discover the mode of propulsion or other new weapons technologies based on their own crashed saucer recoveries before we did… We don’t want them to know we know they know.”
3. “If the public learned that other intelligent life was actually coming to our planet, many of our social institutions would be disrupted…Perhaps most important from a political viewpoint, younger members of society, especially those who grew up with the space program, would push for a new view of ourselves. Instead of thinking…Americans, Canadians, Peruvians, French or Chinese, they would start to think of themselves as earthlings…As idyllic as this sounds, I know of no government that wants its citizens to owe their primary allegiance to the planet instead of to the nation…The biggest fear of anybody in power… is losing that power…National governments do not want their subjects to have a planet wide orientation.”
4. “…religious groups would be…disturbed by any announcement that humans are not alone, even though this is presumed to be true by many Eastern religions…others might have a problem with the theological implications of extraterrestrial life…any advance civilization would investigate biology as well as the physical sciences…understanding genetics…aging…controlling disease…suggestion that their members would live proportionately much longer than earthlings…Religion is a major influence on the lives and behavior of hundreds of millions of earthlings…You can’t just take away an article of faith without replacing it with something else.”
5. “There might well be economic discombobulation brought about by even the mildest announcement of the most peaceful of alien visitations…[could] soon be new methods of energy production, ground transport, air transport, communications, medicine, computers,…but which of the old buggy whip manufacturers would build the new systems and which would fade into oblivion? Uncertainty is the enemy of the stock market.”
6. “The government may know things about the aliens that are truly terrible…very-high-level security clearances and access to such…secrets may well believe that since they know more than the public does, they must make the choices for us ignorant beings…”
The problem for me is that the most credible source was the sheep-farmer who found debris which he took into town several days later. I truly believe that he found unknown (to him) debris and that this was what the government was covering up. But there was no mention of any alien bodies in his account. The person who did have an affidavit displayed about seeing "dead aliens" led me to doubt his recounting of the event. Actually he had two affidavits displayed, written two years apart, and the time-lines and descriptions did not match.
So, what do I think was found outside of Roswell those many years ago?
Before Roswell, we visited the museum at the White Sands Missile range.
Security to get into the area was tight. Park your car outside and walk to the museum and no farther. No cameras.

So here's a picture I nabbed of the missile display from one of the official sites. It is taken far enough away that it does not give a true idea of the size of these suckers.
Who knew that we had devised so may ways of killing each other.  But didn't they give their workers a beautiful vista?
I'm pretty sure that on that July day back in 1947 that they let something fly and that it went Northeast instead of Northwest.
The military sure didn't want to tell our own citizens that they almost took them out.  They do admit to almost taking out Ciudad Juarez when another missile went south instead of north.