Monday, February 15, 2010

Tucson Review

Today we drove the loop through Saguaro National Park in Tucson. More pictures from that later. Tomorrow we'll hit Old Town or do something else touristy. One thing that I will say in a comparison of Tucson vs Phoenix is that Tucson has more interesting and authentic southwest architectural style in housing as opposed to the big boxes which make up the majority of the Phoenix suburbs.
But right now I want to do restaurant reviews.
Lunch: The Blue Willow, suggested from our Arizona tour book. The food was good, once we got it. Tom chose: BLACKENED SALMON CAESAR Pan~Seared Creole Spiced Salmon on a Traditional Caesar Salad with Parmesan Cheese. My meal was GRILLED EGGPLANT SANDWICH Feta Cheese, Roasted Red Peppers, Cucumber, Fresh Spinach, and Tomato. The service was abysmal. We thought that maybe the problem was Tom's Oregon T-Shirt (see recent sports results) but a comment was made on the way out that indicated that they may realize there is a problem with the wait staff.
Dinner: La Parrilla Suiza, suggested by the motel desk clerk.  Wonderful service.  Wonderful food.  We are used to getting Mazatlan/Guadalajara style food at home.  La Parrilla Suiza specializes in foods typical of Mexico City, so we elected to try some of those different dishes.  We also split an order of Tortilla Soup, recommended by the desk clerk :"It got me through my pregnancy."  It was as good as she reported.
Tom had Pechuga Suiza - Breast of chicken and cheese between two flour tortillas, cut and served with lettuce, charro beans and rice.
And I had Platillo Mixto con Bistek - Melted cheese with chorizo and grilled bell peppers, topped with avocado, served with two charbroiled beef tacos, charro beans and rice.

I was in flavor heaven.  Even their webpage is great.  Click on their name above to see it.
Traci: they have 3 locations in Tucson and 3 in the Phoenix area, including one in Mesa.