Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Great 2012 Road Trip: Oregon

May 26th, 2012: we loaded the dogs into the RV and off we went.  Destination: Fargo North Dakota and beyond.

We started with the three girls up in the top bunk and Huxley loose.

But after the first day I got tired of Huxley sitting between my legs staring up wistfully at me.  Now Alice rides in her spot under the dinette and Huxley rides up top.  We have a ramp which allows for easy up-and-down, even for the 40-pounder.

We crossed many (I will count as we go) major rivers on the trip.  

 First up: the Rogue, shown here as the upper end of Lost Creek Lake.

The winter snows lingered in the high Cascades near Diamond Lake. 

 Crossing the Crooked River Gorge in Central Oregon.  Always a favorite spot of mine.

 Rain showers on the Columbia plateau near the Criterion summit.

 We descend to the Deschutes River and Maupin.

Deer grazing just past Maupin on Highway 197.

The Dufur Valley. 

 And the end of the first day: sunset at Wolfrun.

We spent Sunday with Gary and Louise, house-shopping in the area.   Seen above we are dropping down into The Dalles, Oregon.
On Monday the 28th we moved on.  River four on the trip: the mighty Columbia, dividing Oregon from neighboring Washington.