Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Great 2012 Road Trip: Western Montana

"What happened to Washington and Idaho?" you ask.  Well, travelling up eastern Washington is boring.  Miles and miles of wheat fields.  And I was driving.  No pictures.

We spent Monday night at the Coeur  d'Alene fairgrounds, arriving just in time to cheer Pilot on to a Group III.  I was also able to get a few dog pictures; they will appear on the dog-blog.

Tuesday morning after Cardigan judging we continued east through Idaho.  It being Tuesday, I was busy doing payroll for the day-job.  Things learned: sit in the front seat with laptop actually in lap rather than trying to work back at the dinette while Tom is driving on twisty roads.   On the plus side: it's terrific to be able to work remotely.  On the minus side: I had so much work to do during the three weeks that it really cut into my blogging time.  Basically all of my computer time was spent on SOS work.

Once payroll was done:

 We were in Montana!

A side-note as the picture jogged my memory: marking highway fatalities is probably beneficial.  Morbid perhaps, but it is sure to make people think and slow down drive more carefully (the speed limits indicate that Montanans don't believe so much in slowing down).  But what if the deceased or their family would prefer some symbol other than a cross?  Certainly there are people of other faiths than Christianity, even in Montana.  It seems like another one of those church/state issues to me.

If I die on the road,  please:  don't do that.  

River five for the trip: the Clark Fork.

 Scenery on I-90 a little before Missoula.

 Evening view from our front window: Indian Creek RV park in Deer Lodge, MT.

Admission: not all so long ago we were intrepid tent campers who scoffed at those in RV parks.  The truth is that it's not truly "camping" and we reconcile it by not regarding it as such.  We think of it as travelling around in our own little house.  Much better than motelling as far as comfort - and we (i.e. Tom) can cook.  

I really, really would like to full-time (or almost full-time) for a while.  Other pluses: a much smaller house to clean.  And the scenery outside changes all of the time, with someone else responsible for the yard work.  But (probably) some five more years to wait.  

 Crossing the mountains near the Great Divide.  I know why they are "The Rockies".

Below: several scenes from another one of my "best places on earth": the region along the Yellowstone River from Livingston to Big Timber.  Clean air, peace, and tranquility.  Enjoy.

I believe that I could spend a summer or two - or more - enjoying this view.

 See Vicki, road trips can be wonderful.  You just have to have the right roads to trip on. 

Our little rolling home at a museum spot in Big Timber.  The Crazy Mountains are in the background.