Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"This Rock I Ascended"

Pompey's Pillar National Monument, Montana

Some of you know that we have been Lewis & Clark buffs.  We started in 2004 at the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri, 200 years to the day the expedition started out.  Now there are few miles of their paths that we have not retraced.

 View of the pillar from the entrance to the national monument.

Formerly a National Historic Landmark, it has recently gained National Monument status. 

Glass teepee on monument grounds.  I just found it interesting.

A long staircase now leads from the base to the top of the rock.  No climbing skills are necessary.

 Plaque at the top.

This was one of the times that Tom pulled out his real camera.  The view deserved it.

Seen from the base before starting our ascent.

I was there!

 Fortunately now protected by glass.  Awe inspiring.

 The Yellowstone River (#6).

 View from the top.  You can imagine a herd of "buffalow".

 A portion of the staircase.

Rocks and River.  That's "it" for me.