Thursday, May 31, 2012

North Dakota Boom Town

We left I-94 at Glendive and continued along the Yellowstone toward its meeting with the Missouri.  Just south of Sidney, MT we turned east and were soon in North Dakota.

Neither of us had visited ND before. Most of what I knew was 1) it's cold in winter and 2) there's not much there.  Or so I thought.  I once heard a comedienne say that she planned to write a travel book.  The first 20 pages would be blank and on the 21st would be the label "And that was North Dakota."

But then, I can be happy in places with "not much there."

 Little house on the prairie?

Serenity.  Though much flatter than I prefer my ground to be.

 But then we hit Highway 85, and the truck traffic started.  Trucks.  And trailers.  And people.

 And why?

 I guess there is something in North Dakota after all.   In the ground, that is.

 Watford City ND,  once a small town.  Wiki gives the population at the 2010 census - a mere two years ago - as 1,744.  Now, it's unbelievable.

 Miles of blocks of FEMA trailers last seen in Louisiana.  Park after park of trailers and RVs. The population has grown to thousands.

 CNN Money published an article about Watford City in October 2011: "Locals to Big Oil: We want our town back!"