Wednesday, January 14, 2015

December Retrospective - Part 2 - The Thousand Palms Oasis

We had wanted to visit the Thousand Palms Oasis and the Coachella Valley Preserve, so took advantage of the excuse of having guests to finally go.  We'll go back again when it isn't quite so cold and windy.

The oasis is created by water seeping up through the cracks created by quakes on the San Andreas fault.

A series of boardwalks takes you over the (sulfurous smelling) water.  We were told that the water is high in boron and in fluoride as well.

An endangered species of pupfish live in the ponds.

The native California fan palms have a small sticky fruit which grows in bunches.  The wind had it falling and littering the ground.

View of the Oasis from the north.

Obligatory group photo, at least what you can see of everyone all bundled up.  It's not usually cold like this, really it's not! 

The Vagabond house built from palm logs.

Carving is of the owner Paul Wilhelm.


On December 28th, the family suffered a final loss for the year.  My sister Tammy's husband Carl Kirkpatrick succumbed after a long illness.   We had been close in our 30's when our children were young, but our paths had diverged in the years since.   There are always regrets when things don't turn out as they should.  Carl was only 61.

There is never enough time.  It isn't fair.