Monday, January 19, 2015

Font's Point at Sunset

Because it's something one has to do here.

Seen from the main road, Font's Point is an elevated point of higher land stretching into the badlands.   From the turnoff to the point, it is four miles of relatively easy 4-wheel drive road.  We were able to accomplish it in the Element two years ago, but the soft sand makes the jeep a better choice.

As the sun dips toward the western mountains, the badlands are shown in stark relief.

 View to the east and the Salton Sea.

Coyote mountain to the northwest.  You can make out the trailers and RV's in the dispersed camping area near Clark's Dry Lake.

 And the view south toward Ocotillo Wells.

 Looking down and west from the point.

A magical time as the last rays of the sun fall on the washes below.

The sunset that night was not as spectacular as it was a few nights later from Howard and Lynda's camp.

Lynda ordered it in special for us.

The light show was followed by barbecued lamb, a mushroom risotto, and Folin syrah. 

Good food, good friends, good night.