Thursday, January 22, 2015

Komments by KADY! Issue #7

Hi fans, guess what!!   We moved our house out here to a place in the real desert and it is so warm and sunny.

Us dogs don't have a dog yard to play in here but it's mostly ok because we get lots of walks here.  Mom and Dad went to Costco a while back and both got these things they wear on their arms and mom looks at hers a lot and taps it and says that we need more walks.   She calls it a Fitbit but it doesn't have teeth and I haven't seen it having a fit so I don't know why it's called that.   But anyway, we get more one-on-one walking time with just me and mom and just Dora and mom and just Huxley and mom because she says that way she gets three times the steps.

Us dogs can't walk on most of the trails here because they are steep and rocky they said which is dumb 'cause we walk better than humans on steep and rocky. And there are baby bighorn lambs somewhere and they don't want us to chase them.  And there are lots of coyote cousins too and we hear them every evening and I bet they get to go on the trails.   

But we get to go on the path to the visitor center and we get to go on the roads around the campground.   Here is me and Dora posing on one of the rock benches on the way to the visitor center.  We are so pretty.

It is about five thousand! steps for mom and dad to go to the visitor center and back and it is four times that many for us because we take two times as many steps and we have two times as many legs.   And if we just take the road around the campground it is about 1200-1300 steps for the humans.   We have got lots of exercise.

Mom doesn't like to walk Huxley on the road.   There are all these rocks and Huxley says he needs to pee on Every. Single. One.  Walks with Huxley can be very slow so mostly me and Dora go together with mom and dad and mom drags Hux around later.

Speaking of pee: the first two weeks were fine but now we keep moving our house to different campsites and that is a real pain for us dogs.   Do you know how hard we work to get it all smelling like us and everything and then we have to start all over again.

The other best part of living here is . . .


Whenever we take walks we have to stop and smell and look.

What's in there?

Dora sees it!

One evening mom and me were walking and dad was walking with Dora and mom had hooked Dora's leash to the loop with her dog license and her AKC I am loved tag and the loop came undone and Dora CHASED THE RABBIT!  And dad was like shouting "Dora come!" in a scared voice and Dora was running in circles and figure 8's around us and trying to catch the rabbit.  But the rabbits have holes in the ground under the creosote and indigo bushes and the rabbit ducked in there somewhere.  So then Dora came back to me and mom and dad hooked her up again.  Mom and dad found her license and tag and put them back on with a new loop so Dora doesn't get lost.

Now they double check how our leashes are clipped on the right loop every time. Dang it.

Watching the rabbit . . .

There it is, high-tailing away!

And there's another by this campsite . . .

It's a fun game even when we don't catch them.  But boy, one of them could feed us dogs for a week.

One afternoon me and Dora got to go to visit at Howard and Lynda's camp and we got to play chase with no leashes and it was lots of fun.

And there is lots of good smells and stuff.

See you again soon!