Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Looking Down

After a few busy work days, we played hooky on Friday morning to take a walk up the Panoramic Overview trail here at the state park. Only about a half-mile each way, but it is a steep half-mile with lots of rocks.  Someone should have warned us!

But then, maybe we wouldn't have tried it had we known.

There's an outcropping after the first half-dozen switch-backs for your first taste of the view and for an already needed rest.

RV campground below.  Our house is down there.

A little higher with more still to come.

The campground, Coyote Mountain and Henderson Canyon, the start of Font's Point.

Font's Point and the town of Borrego Springs. 

The Anza-Borrego visitor center.

As it turned out, the trail was a a good practice run for Saturday's trek.