Friday, September 18, 2015

Around Lander Wyoming

The Wind River Canyon

On the way to Lander we drove through the Wind River Canyon. The journey takes you through many types and eons of rock. There are signs at each section, though I didn't manage to catch any on camera.


The Wind River Range

Lander is nestled on the eastern slope of the Wind River range. By mid-September the countryside was already festooned with autumn colors.


Sacajawea Cemetery

Located near Fort Washakie there is some doubt (see link)  that this is truly her resting place.  I would like to think that it is. How much better to die at 100 than at 25.

It is known that Pompey does not lie here, but there is a stone in his memory.

View down the hill from the cemetery.

Another memorial. Two women killed in the early days of Lander.

A statue honoring the brave young woman.

A "government scout"

So much sorrow here. So many cut down at a young age, often due to alcoholism or victims of drunk driving.

I found it interesting that many markers bear the last name of Harris.

The building seen above bears this plaque:

"This tablet is erected to the memory of  
The Right Rev George Maxwell Randell D.T.
Bishop of Colorado, Wyoming and New Mexico. 
Born Nov. 23 1810  Died Sept. 28, 1873
who held his last service in this building
on its former site at Wind River
when he baptized eleven Shoshone Indians
including four grandchildren of Sacajawea.
This chapel originally built as a mission house for the Shoshones and used for many years as a school and a house of worship was moved to this place in March 1916."


Fremont County Pioneer Museum

A fascinating museum and well worth a visit. They also have a very active FaceBook page with many old pictures from the area.

An extensive exhibit on Women's Suffrage in Wyoming.

An old John Deere wagon.


In Lander we stayed several days at the Sleeping Bear RV Park and Campground which is just south and overlooking town.

A sunset from the park.