Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Buffalo Bill Center of the West - Part I

Allow two days if ever you plan to visit the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody, Wyoming. It's not a museum: it's a cluster. A Plains Indian Museum, Natural history, Western art, Firearms, Southwest jewelry, a raptor show, a show of art to be auctioned, and even one wing devoted to Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show.

Outdoor Sculpture

This is only a sample of the sculptures on display in the various garden areas.

“Sacagawea and Jean Baptiste” by Glenna Goodacre. Outd0oor sculpture at the Center of the West

“Crazy Horse” by R.V. Greeves. 

Edward Fraughton (b. 1939), “Spirit of Wyoming,” 1978 – 1986, original working model for monument. 

Harry Jackson (b. 1924), “Sacagawea,” 1980. Painted bronze. 

Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney (1875 – 1942), “Buffalo Bill—The Scout,” 1924. 

“Bill Cody—Hard and Fast All the Way” by Peter Fillerup. 


Plains Indian Exhibits

Because: dogs.

Lakota buffalo horn and eagle feather head dress circa 1860.

 Drama on the Plains

Sun Dance Buffalo Skull.

Hat: Crow Indian circa 1870.

 "Medicine men" wearing eagle hat.


Buffalo Bill Cody

Buffalo Bill's boyhood home was moved here from Iowa in 1948. Visit the link to learn more.

A collection of posters.

The exhibit included a diorama of the show camp, family memorabilia, and more.