Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fort Necessity and the Mount Washington Tavern

Fort Necessity

The locale near present day Farmington, Pennsylvania where George Washington started the French and Indian war and suffered his only defeat.

Information from the visitors center where I learned more about that war than I remembered from long-ago school days.  It seems that George Washington, then only 22, led his men to ambush a French encampment. Not a smart choice. And during that skirmish he killed a French officer. Who had a brother.

Also called the "Seven Years War" this was the true World War I. Until visiting we did not remember or realize how far the battles had spread.

 You can walk to a replica of the fort.  Originally the meadow was smaller. There are signs indicating where the original treeline was.

Trenches were to slow down the advancing French but may have been a little to close to the fort.


The first improved road across the Appalachians lies nearby.


Mount Washington Tavern

Years after the defeat at Fort Necessity, Washington returned to the area and bought property. The hill above the fort location still bears his name.

The view from the road. 

 The interior is decorated as close to the period as possible.

The Parlor.

 From the window at the end of the hall.


 The road today.