Wednesday, May 10, 2017

RV and MH Hall of Fame

Per Tripadvisor: "Number One Thing to do in Elkhart, Indiana."

 It is well worth a visit the next time you're stuck in the area for repairs.

There are a number of models in the main hall between exhibits. 

The best part is the walk through RV predecessors or in some cases down memory lane.  Note that we ourselves only date back to the early 1950's but one of my earliest camping memories was of being put to bed in my grandparents' trailer, which I remember being small and round.  I wanted to stay up and roast more marshmallows.


Apologies for the fuzzy.


Wooden trailers.  Wood heat.  I question how any of them survived. 

 I remember these!

Later made famous on "Breaking Bad" as the mobile meth-lab. We still see them on the road. Or sitting beside it.


Here's a unique early RV:

Skin like a mirror.  

Another unusual design feature: 

The interior acutally resembles a Conestoga Wagon. 

Thing of beauty.

Rear kitchen in teardrop:

Posters showed stories of some people residing in unusual MHs (Manufactured Houses). Two were in a park in Rancho Mirage. I plan to check next season to see if they are still there.

Outside there was a new 1700 square foot Manufactured House: three bedrooms, two baths, laundry room, huge dining room. After three years in 300 square feet I have no idea what I would do with all that room.