Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Kentuck Knob

The "other" FLW house in Southwestern Pennsylvania, Kentuck Knob was lived in as a permanent residence for many years by the Hagan family of ice cream fame. And once you get done walking down the hill on a warm day, an ice cream cone at the visitor center is more than welcome.

According to our guide, cars do not require doors on their garage as they won't run away like a horse.

 Front of the house and entry way.

 From the deck on the back of the house.

 Patio off of the dining room.

The beautiful copper roof taken from the barbque area. Note central skylight over kitchen.

 View to the river valley below.

After the house tour, a meander down the hill through the sculpture garden.


"Two Charred Figures"

 Another view of the front from the woods.

Looking up to the rear deck area.

There are two segments of the Berlin Wall on the property but only one is accessible from the path. The other is along the road lading to the house.

A druid circle? I went inside but nothing happened.

 Collection of bird houses at the visitor center.

View of the knob from the road below.