Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Island in the Sky

Pictures from our trip to the north unit of Canyonlands National Park. This park covers the confluence of the Green River with the Colorado. Island is the Sky overlooks the Green River Canyon.

The first baker's dozen photos were taken on BLM land on the way up to the National Park. I won't post a lot of comments as the pictures stand for themselves.

Named after warships: the Merrimac and the Monitor.

The La Sal mountain range in the background.

Rain remained in potholes from the previous night's thunderstorm.

We'll try this another time. Road leads down to the Colorado and along it to Potlatch and then on to Moab.

One thing we found was that more popular viewpoints were mobbed with people to the point that sometimes you could not even park. But the best views came from places that other people passed through sometimes not even stopping. You had to park your vehicle and walk a bit toward the cliff for the astounding scenery.