Monday, June 1, 2015

McPhee Reservoir and the Escalante Pueblo

A little exploration in the Cortez/Dolores area led us to find McPhee Reservoir. There are campgrounds there which are nearly deserted except for the host sites.I would imagine that in the summer the place is bustling.  These pictures were made from a view point above the lake and from a trail that leads from there to the shore: The Can Do Trail. I'm sure that I can, but it will wait for another visit.

 The La Plata Mountains to the east.

We next visited the museum at the Anasazi Heritage Center. They have an amazing collection there and it is well worth it. From the museum it is a half-mile hike up hill to the Escalante Pueblo.

There is a 360° view from the pueblo. Or more as the people considered "up" and "down" equally important.

The Dolores River (now the reservoir).

Mesa Verde in the distance.

After the museum and Pueblo, we drove up the Dolores River hoping to find the town of Stoner, listed on our map. Unfortunately there's not much there, including no city limits sign. Further research says that the population of Stoner in 2012 was two. No Verizon coverage up the canyon, but there was at the Dolores River Campground which could be a possibility for a future stay.