Monday, June 15, 2015

Blue Basin

On June 12th Tom, Louise, and I took a day trip up to the John Day Fossil Beds. It had been many, many years since we had been there. Since then they have built a new visitor center which contains a tremendous number of fossils of all sizes.

With the exception of the above picture made by my phone from the visitor center photo credits go to Tom.

After spending time at the visitor center, we took a hike up the Blue Basin "Island in Time Trail". The day was warm and sunny though not unseasonably hot.

There was still water in the stream from a thunderstorm a few days before. The color is due to dissolved minerals.

Many butterflies were happily enjoying the water. 

Louise and I plugging along.

It was good that we did not bring Dora along. From my experience with her and cattle guards I know that she would have had to be carried over the bridges.

A cave in the cliff face. 

 This picture shows the lava cap over the ancient ash and mud.

Heading back down, another couple of pools.

View across the highway as we descend.


And from the Mascall Overlook:

Picture Gorge. 

 I promise that we won't wait another two decades before our next trip.