Saturday, June 13, 2015

Komments by KADY! Issue #12

Hi again, Fans! Do you believe?

I think I do!

Huxley is unhappy with me because I forgot to tell you last time about something that happened to him.

It was back when we were in Farmington at the fairgrounds and there were windstorms. Mom and Huxley were walking by the goat barns but there wasn't any goats there. It was really dusty and dry. Just as they were in between the buildings a dust devil came up and aimed right for them and there was no where for them to go. Mom was tall enough that it didn't get her but the dirt went into Huxley's right eye. The next morning his eye was all red and swollen and he looked really funny but it was Saturday and none of the vets were open and we couldn't find the number for dog ER clinic. Mom looked all through the dog supplies and the bathroom cabinet and couldn't find any terramycin either so we must be out. So Mom and Dad went to Tractor Supply to see if they could get some more. They didn't have any either but they did have this:

Mom put some in Huxley's eye two times every day and Huxley didn't like it. By Monday when the vets were open again his eye was getting better so at least he didn't have to go there. A few more days and he was all better. I don't know why he was such a baby about it. I would have been tough!

So when I last talked to you all we were in Park City RV Resort in Utah.

It was an OK place but we had a really, really small yard. It's a good thing that there was a dog yard for us and some places to walk because Interstate 80 also went right by our house.

The dog yard was close enough that even the grumpy old grandma dog was able to walk there. Once she got there she said the rocks were ouchy on her feet but she liked the green grass.

Sometimes we walked down to the bottom of the park where the old trailers and motorhomes have to go and it was nice because there was a creek for Dora to swim in a little. And it was interesting one day when there were people all over the hill pulling up yellow flowers and putting them into big orange bags. They said that they were eliminating an invasive species.

Then we got in our crates and we moved the house to another state.

The first night we went to the Bannock County Fairgrounds in Pocatello and we were almost the only ones there again. It was quiet except for the Wednesday night open ride when there were a whole bunch of horses. 

There was lots of room for dogs to walk and of flowers and green grass. We had missed having lots of green grass to roll in.

This was the view from our front window.

I wish that we could have stayed a few more days because look what we missed:

More cute young cowboys! Mom said they were just baby cowboys though and too young for me.

But Mom and Dad wanted to move the house somewhere else so we went to Craters of the Moon KOA in Arco Idaho. It sounds like it was named after a gas station but it wasn't. It was named after a German investor who never even went there.

We had a nice shady yard.  There is a dog yard there and it usually has grass and has agility things for dogs to play on. But this time it was closed because they were reseeding the grass.

This hill behind our house has numbers painted all over it.

Huxley wasn't very happy there because there were some really big afternoon thunder showers. I already told you about how Huxley is afraid of thunder showers and can hear them coming before anybody else.

The people at the KOA put together this teepee and we watched. There are supposed to be two teepees and that's what their ads say but they used up most of the poles on this one so I don't know how they are going to put up the other one.

There was another problem at that KOA. Their rules didn't say that dogs had to be on leash it just said "under control". There was one of the worker's dogs that was off leash all of the time but it just barked a little and didn't attack us or anything. I think it was very unfair that Mom made us still stay on our leashes because two times there were people camped next to us and those dogs did not have to be on leash. They just got to wander around their campsite. The first time it was a little dog who came up to sniff Huxley and that wasn't too big a problem because Huxley didn't bite him or anything. But then the next day there were two BIG DOGS and mom said that if we went out there when they were wandering around their campsite that they wouldn't have been "under control" anymore. She could tell that because of the way they barked at us when they were in their tent. I said that I could take them but she did not think that was a very good idea.

After a few days we left Idaho and moved on to Oregon but not yet to where we used to live. We went to a town on the Oregon Trail named Vale. 

We stayed two days at the Vale Trails RV Park.

There were planters and flowers and we posed by an Oregon Trail wagon.

It was right by a railroad track but there aren't hardly any trains. And it was right by a stockyard and trucks came in and out and there was lots of moo-ing sounds from them.

We met some Pembrokes there our last morning. They were on their way to a dog show in Idaho and they live with their mom Stacie in Gold Hill close to where we used to live!

Now we are camping at Clyde Holliday State Park just west of John Day and on the John Day River.

We have a really big campsite and Mom and Dad invited Aunt Louise to bring our cousins and camp with us.

They thought it would be nice to help celebrate the Grumpy old Grandma's fifteenth birthday yesterday. That's probably like 90 years old or something for a person. Grandma is having some problems so this is her last birthday ever which is sad for Mom. We had a special dinner and shared little lemon cakes with our cousins.

This is me and Dora in our camping pen with our favorite cousin Spencer. At least he is Dora's favorite cousin. Huxley doesn't like him so much even though he is his real-life brother-from-another-mother.

We have been taking lots of walks with Spencer and with Styx who is also Huxley's sister-from-another-mister. She is older than Huxley but not really old like the Grandma Dog.

Styx and Dora both love the water. But even Spencer and I got in the river a little. My butt looks kind of big in this picture Mom took.

We are having good days here.

Tomorrow we are going back to our old house but just for a little while. Then we will go have some more adventures.