Tuesday, March 1, 2016

And that was February.

We have moved back to Two Springs for the Two months of Spring - where it is still winter most other parts in the northern hemisphere but more closely resembles summer here.

Great spot, which I hope we can get for the entire season next year.

Private with plenty of room for the dogs.

And for evening entertaining as well.

Doves at the feeder.

Just after arriving back in Palm Springs we made a trip up to Tractor Supply in Yucca Valley for dog food. We detoured through Pioneer Village. Someday we are going to go when things are open.


On February 9th we did get to the Coachella Valley Preserve on a beautiful sunny day.

Small pup fish reside in the pools beneath the palms.

On the trail to the McCallum Grove

Green Ocotillo

Simone Pond at McCallum Grove

Lizzard habitat

On the trail to the overlook.

View down to McCallum Grove.

View to the Thousand Palms Grove

February 12th we flew to Oregon for a long weekend "meet the new granddaughter" trip. The flight out of Palm Springs we delayed as air space was closed delaying the plane's arrival.

"Look: up in the sky!  It's a bird. It's a plane."

"It's the President."

Had we known in advance, we would have planned to leave a day earlier.

But the plane came in, everyone was hustled on board, and we were only about a half-hour late getting off the ground.

Grandpa and Nora.

And Grandma.

Valentine's Day Mimosa and Baby.

A wonderful visit but so nice to come back to the Palm Springs weather.


We spent the next week plus (including the weekend) on payroll updates. The state of Oregon this year mandated that employers offer paid sick-leave to employees which prompted us to rewrite and enhance that portion of our payroll software.

Work done, we finally made it to the Thursday evening street fair in Palm Springs.

Started the evening with dinner at Rio Azul.

Clowning around with Cathy.

Loved the signs at this booth.

Especially one.

Many items for dog-lovers.

And for beer-lovers.

Even "dog show clothes"!

Interesting street performers.

Toy makers.

Cardigans!  Want!  Note that there are Pems as well.

We plan to go back this week and partake of the food booths as well.


On Saturday the 27th we went to the annual Greek Festival at the St George Greek Orthodox Church.

It was HOT and crowded but it was worth it for the food.  I had a "Mezes Plate" with two lamb chops, a spanakopita, two dolmathes, pita, and cucumbers with feta. They were cooking both the lamb chops and leg of lamb on the spot and the smell was wonderful. We brought home a container of baklava which we are still working on.

Sparkly clothes. No, I didn't buy an outfit.

Leaving the festival, we went to Coachella Valley Brewing's Old Town Taproom in La Quinta to cool down.

One bourbon barrel-aged Koffi Porter and one Stiegl Grapefruit Lager and I felt much better.

February 28th would have been Dad's 87th birthday. We celebrated with Mom at Shanghai Red's in Palm Springs.

It's not all "eat drink and be merry", but we do what we can to support the local economy.